If there are three words that scare the bejeezus out of me, they are these: cleanse, tone and moisturise.

I'm more of a two-step 'Karate Kid' when it comes to my skin: wipe on, wipe off. No toner, night cream or youth serum needed.

Let's be honest. No one has died from a blackhead or an errant pimple. Die of embarrassment maybe, but you still live to tell the tale!

But something happened early this year that converted me into a skinaholic. Nutrimetics. (Cue heavens opening, angels singing and a golden harp playing.)

Before you bag me for plugging a cosmetics brand, hear me out: I have no shame. Okay, seriously, I have no problem championing brands that work for me. It's Adidas for shoes, lululemon for gym wear, kikki.k for stationery and I mix n’ match my Karen Millens with my Kmarts like nobody's business. I hold these brands sacred and they've always delivered the goods.

So, why Nutrimetics? I started using their Platinum skincare range just two months ago and my skin - excuse the pun – is soaking it up. It feels clean, hydrated and refreshed. I have never felt this unclogged in my life (my skin, that is). My bedroom is still a mess but my skin is dust-free!

I was a skeptic once. It is the inside that counts. A woman should be defined by her spirit, not by the size of her pores.

But after I turned 28 last year (eherm), I decided it’s high time to look after my skin and nourish it with three basic food groups: cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Then I upped the ante and added a couple of extra steps: a daily dose of the Nutrimetics Platinum anti-ageing serum range and a facial once a week using the Nutrimetics microdermabrasion kit.

You can use other skincare brands to do this. It just so happens that Nutrimetics works on my combination-oily Asian skin. The brand also appeals to the Filipino in me (read: half-Ilocano) that loves a great bargain. Nutrimetics is less pricey than other upmarket brands I’ve tried in the past but heads-and-shoulders in quality compared with cheaper brands I’ve tried in the past.

They also appeal to the Filipino in me (read: half-Bisaya) that loves socialising and networking. You can get huge discounts or extra income if you sign up as a Nutrimetics consultant, even if that means your only client is, well, yourself (many just buy for themselves, as well as family and friends).

As someone who uses make-up on a daily basis for my job, special events and occasional TV work, I spend a lot on skincare and cosmetics. Having tried a variety of products, I find that the cheaper brands are just plain nasty while the super-expensive brands are just unfairly exxy. 

Nutrimetics, on the other hand, is somewhere in between but, in addition, rewards you for being loyal through discounts and giveaways. (Sidebar: the company has sponsored several community events I care about, which gives it extra bonus points.)

What’s more, my mom, who runs her own hair salon and is a Nutrimetics consultant, gets deliriously happy whenever she gets a package of Nutrimetics freebies and that to me is priceless.

In truth, great skin comes from drinking lots of water, eating well, getting enough sleep and following a skincare routine. You don’t need a skincare brand for that. But between the special deals, the mom-daughter bonding time, the no-animal-testing approach, and the great results, Nutrimetics wins my votes.

Only a few months ago, I was a skincare-phobe who preferred my photos taken from afar. Now I'm a skinaholic ready for my close-up. No filter needed.

Say it with me: cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Disclosure: Nutrimetics is a sponsor of The Marcus and Michelle Show, featuring this writer as co-host and co-producer. Michelle Baltazar and Marcus Rivera are both consultants for Nutrimetics.

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