Since 2011 I’ve had the opportunity to report on cultural diversity initiatives and unpack debates about racism and discrimination.

I’ve walked seedy underage sex hubs abroad and investigated horrendous ‘invisible’ assault in our own backyard. I’ve stumbled cloudily into the newsroom some mornings – only to be handed a cab charge and speedily ushered back out the door to fly to the day’s politics row, disaster scene or scientific conference – barely enough time to grab that crucial coffee or comb my hair.

Katrina Yu reporting

Katrina Yu reporting

Week after week my world has expanded – and through the patience, support and encouragement of brilliant seniors and colleagues – so have my abilities and confidence. I’ve learnt how to cope with intense pressure, deal with undue hostility and recover peace after failure.

Above all, I’ve been constantly surprised by the capacity of people to reach-out to others. Touched by their trust in our crew and I, after just one conversation, one meeting or one phone call – inviting us into their offices and homes, explaining their passions, hopes or painful pasts.

And now begins a new adventure.

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