Top Filipino-American comic Jo Koy was in Sydney this month making people laugh with his unique brand of comedy that drew on his stories about his Filipino mum, being a parent and that thing called the Magic Mike.

I didn't know when it was during the course of Jo Koy's show in Enmore Theatre tonight (November 18) that I first started wiping tears off my face.

Maybe it was at that point when he started talking about how his mom made him sit through her karaoke rendition of Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' (my mum's made me do that, too).

Or maybe it was when he started talking about what it's like raising his son (Nobody says the 'F' word around their kids, right?).

Nah, I'm pretty sure it was that time when he belted out a verse from my favourite Boys II Men song.

I can't tell for sure but all I know is that I walked out of Enmore Theatre hoarse from laughing out loud throughout.

In an earlier interview with The Australian Filipina, Jo Koy said he doesn't want to be known as a Fil-Am comic but a comic that just happens to have a Filipino heritage (his father is American and his mom is Filipino).

But truth be told, it's the Filipino influences in his jokes that makes him totally endearing not just to me but I bet to all the Filipinos who have watched him perform on stage (he is also a regular on the TV, 'Chelsea Lately').

Yes, we can relate to the Filipino mom using the 'I give birth to you' line. Yes, everyone's got the silver and gold editions of the Magic Mike (lol!) and, given we are roughly the same age, I loved the set at the end where he paid homage to all the good 'ole RnB music of the 1990s.

But even if you weren't Filipino, there was more than enough in his show for everybody. Women in the crowd were in stitches as he shared his observations about visiting Sydney, relationships and the joys of parenting, with blue jokes thrown in for good measure.

If you live in Queensland, you should watch his show tomorrow night. If not, get his DVD, find him on YouTube or tweet him on @jokoy. He's the consummate funny man and, not surprisingly because he is Filipino, with the voice and dance moves to match.

Waiting for Jo Koy to come onstage at the Enmore Theatre.



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