By Ria Celine de Leon

With a plot that’s been hammered and repeatedly bludgeoned to death, I had low expectations of (500) Days of Summer.

Beginning with a cheeky disclaimer, the story revolves around Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a jaded greeting card designer and wannabe architect, who meets the new office secretary and perpetual ice queen, Summer (Zooey Deschamel).

Copyright: Fox

Copyright: Fox

Copyright: Fox

After a series of encounters, he assumes that she is The One. Soon, they spiral down an immensely dysfunctional relationship, with no solid direction and, as agreed upon initially, no labels. The situation leaves a trail of mixed events and slur of emotions.

For the record, I am grappling with whether I like the movie or not. Sure, the main word that describes it is quirky, but, it’s also very formulaic. It’s a tailor-made Fox film with charm that’s fleeting. And while it’s not a typical love story, it’s still pockmarked with clichés. But it’s hard to avoid when tackling simultaneous romantic insights.

We all want an in-built happily ever after, but it rarely ever happens. Remember when you felt your heart would burst from so much happiness, then without so much as a warning, it suddenly plummets and gets ripped out of your chest? It’s not a very pretty picture, but the movie captures that roller-coaster sensation accurately. Unfolding on the big screen, it’s funny and pitiful all at the same time, something that most people can relate to.

A quirky cliché it may be, but the attention to detail and its non-linear storyline keeps (500) Days of Summer afloat.

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