Mimmette Roldan once wanted to become an astronomer, until she found out they don’t all go looking for aliens. She did her undergraduate degree in Science, anyway, and majored in Psychology. Before her final year, she decided to become a journalist while working as the Editorial Assistant at BRW Magazine.

She did her masters in Journalism while working as a Business Analyst at an IT company. In her spare time, she was sub-editor for a basketball magazine where her eagle eye for typos and grammar Nazi tendencies came in very handy. She also freelanced as a PlayStation game reviewer, a music writer and a film critic. Her writings have been published in Sydney Morning Herald, MTV Screen and Followgentlemen to name a few.

Her broadcasting experience includes being host and presenter of two documentaries by ABS-CBN on the Sinadya sa Halaran festival in Roxas City, Philippines.

In mid-2000, Mimmette was a writer and deputy subeditor at TNT Magazine, Australia’s premier backpacker travel mag. She moved to London in 2006 and worked at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International. As the Programme Coordinator of the Europe and Central Asia programme, she got a taste for human rights work and almost changed careers. However, she’s back in Sydney and writing remains her passion.


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